Radio Kakofonie
12 March 2017, 14:00-18:00 Radio Kakofonie, Public radio station for Children during the Cultural Sunday Uitgesproken Utrecht! supported by Casco and Ludens. Podcast is coming soon. Have a listen/look at the video registration below

March – April 2017: Schoolpleinplaten (Schoolyard boards). Project with children of a primary school in Utrecht inviting children to research communication and to create experimental signs for the schoolyard.


Echo Cohesion
Echo Cohesion will be a multimedial installation for children to explore body movements and sound as language to achieve social cohesion and collective creation.

XVI Biennale IASC Conference
10-12 July 2017, Play Perspectives during ‘Commons for Children Conference’ at Casco as part of the XVI Biennale IASC Conference,“Practicing the Commons: Self-governance, cooperation, and institutional change” Children will explore cooperation and play.

Collective Assembly Artist Residency
This summer Merel Zwarts will join the Collective Assembly at Artscape Toronto, Canada.